Travel Tips – Get Cheap Airline Tickets

If you fly frequently, consider joining a frequent flyer program.

You don’t always buy the cheapest ticket since frequent flyer programs can offer long-term discounts. There are free tickets that you will eventually qualify for and once you factor these in, you could end up saving money. This strategy is especially helpful for those who often fly overseas because just imagine how many trips to Singapore it would take to accumulate enough frequent flyer miles just to get a free domestic ticket.

Checking the websites of the airlines

Don’t restrict yourself to the major airlines. Cheap fair are offered in some regional and national carriers. China Airlines, for example, might offer cut-rate airfare to Beijing.

Try checking online travel agencies

Since travel agents would buy in bulk from the airlines so they are able to purchase tickets at a discount, what they can often offer you are cheaper rates than the airlines.

Being flexible

Cheap airfares often require you to stay a certain minimum time and are only available on certain days.

Have you tried the small agents in ethnic enclaves?

For example, if you want a ticket to Japan and you live in a big city, then go to Little Tokyo and check out the small agencies. Little Italy is what you could check out if you want to go to Rome.

Book in advance.

Book tickets in advance because they are normally cheaper than last minute purchases.

Try buying an air courier service.

Companies that buy your luggage allowance in exchange for discounted tickets are called air courier services. Although they are the cheapest tickets available, they are usually reserved for international travel. But one thing to remember is that a carry-on luggage is what you may only bring.

Become a student.

With an International Student ID Card, you could get lots of places cheap.

Offer to pay your way aboard an unregistered cargo plane by cleaning toilets and mopping the deck (bring along a parachute and you can stop anywhere you like – for the very adventurous only!).