Avail Frequent Flyer Programs for Domestic and International Air Flights

The demand of cheap tickets has grown with the upsurge in the percentage of people opting for air travel in the past few decades. The boom in the aviation industry is a result of initiatives that have been taken by airlines. Most carriers today offer lucrative offers and schemes to attract more and more people. One such promising offer is the frequent flyer program (FPP), which is a loyalty scheme offered by almost all leading carriers. While booking domestic as well as international air flights, passengers can register themselves for this program to enjoy discount coupons and other benefits. The benefit of this program is that air miles that fliers travel gets added to their specific FFP registration numbers. These miles can be redeemed in exchange of class upgrades, discounts, airport lounge access and priority bookings. People who avail FFP, opine that it is extremely beneficial and suggest all fliers to register for this lucrative program.

Use OTAs to Find Airlines that Offer FFP and Register for the Scheme

Given the large number of carriers operational today, travellers might get confused about which airlines offer the scheme and which do not. They need not worry as the simplest solution to this problem is easy-to-use and quick – online travel agencies (OTAs). People can log on to an OTA and can easily look up for various carriers and the schemes they offer, including the FFP. People can register themselves for an airline of their choice to obtain a unique number. This number has to be entered every time during successive ticket bookings with the airline concerned to avail the benefits of the program. All airlines have different terms and conditions for counting the travelled distance and redeeming them.

Most carriers have different techniques to add miles, however, most of them follow a simple technique, which involves adding up the exact number of distance travelled by a passenger during a flight. People must be aware of the fact that the aerial distance between the two destinations and not ground measurements, is taken into account by most airlines. Apart from this, fliers should know that it is mandatory to enter the unique registration number each time during ticket booking in order to get the miles added.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

A significant factor to be kept in mind is that the FFP does not cover all routes. So, it is recommended that travellers verify their routes of travel in advance. Furthermore, sometimes certain carriers share aircraft with other airlines on certain routes. It is recommended to check carefully whether a partner carrier allows redeeming miles of a particular airline or not. Besides, the addition of miles also depends directly on the flying class, which passengers choose during their journey.

Travel experts reveal that smart travellers always register themselves for the FFP and avail monetary as well as other benefits. It is suggested that all fliers, especially those who fly frequently through International air flights, should register themselves for this program so that they do not miss out on lucrative benefits and discounts.