Taking My Wife to Manhattan

When I had to go to New York for a business meeting that would last for several days, I invited my wife to come with me. She had never been to Manhattan, and I knew that she would love it. I had considered getting a hotel room, but I knew she would enjoy it a lot more if we rented a condo instead. I looked at the Cuvee site to see what was available, and I found a gem of a place located right in midtown. The pictures convinced me that it was the right place, but the amenities and location helped too.

The pictures convinced me mainly because of the windows. They are floor to ceiling windows, and it offers one of the most incredible views of the Big Apple. I knew that I had never seen such a gorgeous view while there, and I have been in hotels in Manhattan dozens of times. There wasn’t anything she would miss out on either since we were not staying in a hotel. Actually, she would have access to more! She would have workout areas as well as a gym, and even a chef and butler if she wanted that.

I knew that she would prefer to keep things simpler, and that was fine with me too. She ended up staying in the condo while I had my meetings, mainly because Manhattan was scary to her. I could understand that, since she grew up on a farm and never went to any major cities without me. As soon as my meetings were over though, we explored Manhattan together. We had amazing meals, seen two plays on Broadway, walked through Central Park and so much more. Getting the condo instead of a hotel room was the perfect choice, and we are going back again when I won’t have to have any meetings!