A Brief Guide On Xiangqi

Do you like playing strategy games for the better functioning of your mind? If yes, then you are likely to be aware of the popular game Xiangqi or Chinese chess played throughout the world. It is true that Xiangqi is not different from modern chess but players of Xiangqi need to follow certain rules when playing the game with a partner or online. This article helps you know more about Xiangqi or Chinese chess.

Xiangqi is a two-player game and belongs to the same family as western chess, chaturanga, and Indian chess. Although Xiangqi players have to follow some of the similar rules and principles as modern chess but there are many specific rules that are not found in modern chess or Chaturanga. Studies have indicated that the history of Xiangqi can be dated back to the 9th century, thus giving it a rich history. Additionally, the board used in Xiangqi is different compared to the board used to play modern chess. This is because; in a Xiangqi board, the centre is separated with a river; the Pawns are promoted after crossing the river whereas the Elephants do not have the permission to move across the river, thus making it slightly more difficult for the players.

Xiangqi or Chinese chess is also referred as the war game or a battle between two armies with each one of them trying to capture the general’s piece at the earliest. This popular game has some of the distinctive features, which includes the moving of the cannon or the pao, the movement of this piece is crucial, as it prevents the general from facing each other directly. The other important feature is the river and the palace board; these pieces also help in restricting the movement of certain pieces. This -Elephant Game-, is not only popular in China and some of the Chinese communities but also in Vietnam. Make sure to be thoroughly aware of the rules before playing Xiangqi.

Xiangqi can be played both online and with a partner offline. For those interested in playing the game with a challenger should have a Xiangqi board, which has 9 wide lines and 10 long lines. The pieces used to play the game are placed on the intersecting lines also known as points. It is good to know that the vertical and horizontal lines are referred as files and ranks. The main objective behind Xiangqi or Chinese chess is to checkmate your challenger’s general. Xiangqi being a mind engaging game, the players have to play with complete understanding of the game. According to many experts, children who play Xiangqi regularly, have a developed thinking power and problem solving abilities.

These days, many people choose to play Xiangqi online, as it can be enjoyed free and one does not have to look for a competitor. Moreover, if you are a beginner you can choose the level of the game to suit your age and play accordingly. Whatever may be your medium to enjoy the game; Xiangqi players should always have a thorough understanding and complete information of the game to enjoy it completely. Moreover, Xiangqi being a popular game played throughout the world, there are many gaming websites offering the game, make sure the website you have chosen is reputed and reliable.