5 Lessons Learned:

How to Live a Long Healthy Life and Avoid Premature Death

Statistics show over one million people die prematurely every year with up to 40% of the deaths caused by diseases that can easily be prevented. What is disturbing is the fact that 60% of the premature deaths are as a result of people leading careless lives. In as much as no one comes out of this life alive, we all would want to lead a long healthy life, right? You can see more here in this article on the many ways you can prevent premature and untimely death.

Smoking puts your health on the line so you might want to avoid it under all costs. Have never heard of the many diseases brought about by smoking, see more here, but take note of heart diseases and cancer which can be fatal, to say the least. Also avoid taking any street drugs no matter or trustworthy and reliable your supplier is. If not for anything else, you might become unfortunate enough to land on a bad batch laced with some hard drugs that will switch off the living lights out of you.

Alcoholism will mess you as bad as smoking and hard drugs, so see more here on ways you can avoid binge drinking. This statement shouldn’t be misinterpreted to mean you must swear off every alcoholic beverage, because it is well documented that wine is good for your health, huh? However, alcohol consumption should be done in such a way that you have complete self-control over it, and not the other way round. The binge drinking vicious cycle is characterized by overindulgence, regrets, emotional and physical pain to mention but a few, but you can see more here. At the very least, binge drinking puts your liver at risk of cirrhosis which ultimately leads to pain and death.

Did you know that gun ownership also puts you at risk of untimely death? Well, well, gun ownership could be a way of keeping you safe depending on how you look at it. Alas, multiple studies indicate that owning a gun does not necessarily deter the commission of a crime. Improper gun handling and accidental firing definitely puts many people at risk or premature death.

How about you also watch your diet and ensure you have a physical fitness routine that will help you avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle? Last but not least, always ensure you live within your means to avoid piling unnecessary pressure on yourself that may only cause lots of stress.