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Key Items That You Need To Include In Your Emergency Bunker

The number of homeowners in the US who are investing in emergency preparedness is on the rise. One might decide to have a safe room in their house or select an underground bug out shelter, and regardless of your choice, it is necessary to make sure that your bunker has all the equipment and supplies that you need for the challenging times.

The world is fragile, and there is an increase in natural disasters, atrocities, and problems that individuals are facing around the world, but individuals kitting their homes are usually viewed as crazy. However the attitude is fast slipping away, and even the individuals who did not like the idea of emergency preparedness are keen to get in on the safety trend.

There is the need for you to figure out the answer to this question, what will you do and where will you go when you experience a natural catastrophe, the government shutdown or even any other situation that will force you to leave your home? Individuals buying homes are keen to ensure that they invest in a house with a safe room, whether it will be above or below the ground, in the house or out in a remote location. There is the need for one to ensure that their bunker will have the following items which will help you to get past the turbulent times.

When one emerges out of the bunker, if you eventually have to use it, they need to be prepared to face anything. It is likely that there will be debris everywhere as one of the aftereffects of a natural disaster or physical attack, and when you have the safe room located in the woods, you will need to have a bowsaw that you can use to cut big pieces of wood blocking your path. We have even picked our favorite one that you can view here.

When stocking your bunker, you should ensure that there is sufficient food and water that will be necessary for your survival. One should avoid stocking the bunker with perishable food but settle for canned foods including snacks, vegetables, and dried fruits which have very long shelf lives.

Even when one is down and secure in the bunker, it is possible that you will encounter accidents. When one gets a small cut, it is possible that it will be infected, and one will not have the chance to summon medical help, thus the need to have a fully stocked first aid kit which helps you to treat the ailments as well as the injuries.

Insulated and warm clothing is also essential considering that it is very cold underground in your emergency bunker. When picking the clothes, focus on functionality and not fashion.