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How To Become Wealthy Using Rich Results

The internet is fast moving and this is why a search result is not exclusively a text link anymore. Search results today are comprised of pictures, videos, texts and even maps. The internet is growing at a very fast pace and though a lot of bloggers may view competing with videos as an unfair competition, they have to adapt and move with the internet’s developments. Today, to succeed you have to ensure that you have great content and this is what is termed as rich results. Discussed in this article are some of the common rich results and means of implementing them as strategies.

Let us start off by looking at video results as our first rich result. Previously, people surfing on the net had to click on a tab named video to see video results for their search and this greatly deterred then from viewing video results. Google realized that they can tap into the market of video watching by giving their videos a part of the results page and this has paid off because there has been a rise in the number of views that Google videos get.
Another rich result is rich ads. For many years now, ads have been part of Google’s search results. It is only recently that ads have started appearing at the top of search findings. Competing with an ad is near impossible because they are artificially elevated by Google because they are paid for. It becomes harder to promote your content while competing with these ads because they contain visuals, which are typically attractive to browsers, and information to do with the companies being advertised. For those who cannot afford to promote their products on the ads, you have to ensure that you implement strategies that will ensure you do not lose your clients to the ads.

Another rich result is map snippets. A map snippet will give clients a list of locations to get whatever services they are looking for. Map snippets typically contain photos, a business’ address, its working hours and a little information about what thy offer. A balance is created between those with map snippets and those without by Google failing to give links to access the websites of businesses with map snippets at the original search results. This therefore means that if you have a map snippet, you will get a lot of physical customers but very few online customers.

If you want to succeed by conducting your business over the internet, ensure that you get listed by google. This is because people tend to trust businesses that provide contact information.