On Quotes: My Rationale Explained

Laugh Out Loud: Must-Know Top 5 Quotes About Computers That You Surely Would Not Forget

Quotes should always have the drive that is equipped with knowledge that is something many people can learn from. There are also many people who believe that quotes are inspirational phrases but this list is nothing but inspirational-leaning more towards the funny side.

Humor is so rare these days it must be considered as a superpower so to those people who have uttered these quotes must be superheroes themselves.

So to keep it short, elaborated is a list of funny quotes that related to computers, have fun reading.

As technology ascend, libraries are kept in the dusty corner because of the fact that the digital realm has everything that people need in order to live. Due to this it has even taken books and converted it to digital ones for paperless publishing and easy access.

Seriously, take time off your gadget and read more through real books. Read more now about the library’s sentiment about computers.

Encyclopedia used to be a trend but now, it is all in Google-the most widely used search engine of all. How can they not when all that they are looking for can be found in a single click-filtered and organized by importance.

It is always a must to Google before you post and filter your information intake. View here for more details about the quote.

There is literally no boundary as to who uses a computer as well as who has access to the web. This maybe the root of conflicts of people on the internet, the lack of discipline for themselves. Discover more why this quote is a funny one.

Patience cannot be measured, however, it still runs out especially if being continually pushed to the edge. You can tell a man or woman’s true colors through the use of slow internet connection. Here is an updated version of how patience is a virtue.

See what he or she did there, 10 is not read as ten but rather as separates because binary numbers are just made up of two values which are-1 and 0. There are actual values in each 1 and zero that can go as great as 128. Learn more about bits, bytes, binary, and of course the code that began it all.

Surely, those witty statements have not only made you laugh but made you realize a point. The quotes mentioned above can also be the source of wisdom no matter how funny it sounds. Which of the quote struck you the most?