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Why the Blue-Collar Husband Is the Best

Many of the times, people do not know anything about the blue-collar husband but they are very dedicated, focused and caring. Many of the times, he is going to come home and you’ll get the smell of old copper pipes even before he gets into the house. Every morning and afternoon, you are going to find them working under different houses and because of that, his hands are very rough. In the evenings, is going to be very tired immediately after dinner ends and therefore, goes to bed early. Very early in the morning, he will be the first one to wake up and will be about his work before anyone has gotten out of bed. In the high school years, he could have answered you that you wanted to be a professional actor and even did a lot of work about this. The memories that I have about him were about high school and therefore, I remember his acting ambitions. Asking professional actors about how their family life was during some of the works in high school changed his perspective about acting.

The answers that he was able to get from the professional actors was the turning point that moving to become a professional blue-collar worker. They explained that they really had a good time for their family and acting was not stable and because of that, it’s either you had the money for some time or your begging. You would stay waiting for the next deal that you’re able to get and if it does not come around, you then need to start waiting tables. Upon understanding this, he decided not to pursue the acting career again because of what he saw. Although he was not very sure about the career that you wanted to go into, he decided to take a degree into business management. After taking the degree, his grandfather was 85 years old handed down the plumbing business to him and because of that, he decided to take it on.

I decided to take a technical writing job while he became a professional plumber and that is how life started. The years of understanding the career took some time because, he had to do a lot of work with the grandfather helping people. However, after understanding and building the business to successful heights, we are now able to enjoy a lot of great family time and there is a steady supply of income.