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9 Signs to Help You Know If You are Perimenopausal
The menopause transition is a critical phase in the lives of all women hence why you need to pay keen attention to it. The idea is to know symptoms to guide you know when you get to this stage. Continue reading here to know some of these symptoms.

Variations in period is the first symptom of the menopause transition. For example, your period may start taking more or fewer days than usual. You may also miss your period for some months during this stage.

The other symptom of menopause transition is night swear and hot flashes. Many women will get sudden body heats mostly during the night. If this symptom is severe you should consider seeking medical attention.

Low levels of estrogen during the menopause transition may cause you to experience vaginal dryness. Due to this symptom sex may become uncomfortable to women at this stage. You may shop for over the counter vaginal lubricants to help you overcome this problem.

Lower sex drive is the other symptom of the menopause transition. The excitement to have sex may be low due to changes in hormone production. You should look for a solution by consulting experts like Yunique Medical.

Lack of sleep is the other symptom of the menopause transition. High body temperatures may be the cause of your lack of sleep during the menopause transition. Hence, it is uncomfortable for you to find sleep.

The other sign of being perimenopausal is weight gain. Therefore, you should start working out frequently and eating a healthy diet to overcome the weight gain problem.

Menopause transition may also lead to urinary issues. For instance, you may struggle to control your bladder and become prone to urinary tract infections.

Menopause transition also causes moods changes. Body produces fewer hormones hence causing the mood swings. For example, you may become anxious, sad or easily irritated. To overcome this side effects you should consider changing your lifestyle. For instance, you can look for people to talk to about your feeling during this period.

The final sign of being perimenopausal is hair loss. Hence, women, as they get older, should pay attention to any signs of hair loss.

As you get older you may notice difficulties associated with menopause transition. Hence, women should know the things to an expert during the menopause transition and how to manage them. For instance, you can seek hormone replacement therapy to boost sex drive. The idea is to make this period bearable by seeking the help of the health experts.

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