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The Development Of Tea From The History

Tea has been used from way too far than you can remember and you cannot get over it. When you feel a bit tired and you want to sleep you just have a cup of tea and there you go. Many times you have used the tea leaves have ever thought about how it came to be discovered that the tea leaves can make a drink usable by humans. If you have never thought about it, then you will learn the history of the sweet beverage that you take every day. You will learn a brief history of how the tea leaves were discovered from the following text.

Emperor Shen Nung saw a wild leave fall into his boiling water and it was smelling nice, then he decides to taste the content after brewing it. The emperor gave the experience of drinking tea and he gave it a Chinese name for investigation. He did further research on the tea and he is reported to have discovered some medicinal properties of the tea.

When you follow the China history on the tea plantation, it became more accepted from the fourth to the eighth century for its properties. By this time in history people ignored the remedial value of the tea and used it more for the pleasures it had. Tea ware in China also become a mark of richness and position in the society and the tea traders lived better lives than others.

All the time in history until the 17th century the Chinese used green tea but with the more international trade they came the introduction of the black tea. The need for the Chinese to travel long distances made the farmers discover a process of preserving the tea longer for their journey as they sold, and that was the birth of black tea.

In the modern China, the significance of tea is really celebrated by the people and it is a symbolic plant in the China’s culture. The China people have even created a tea institute the Shanghai tea institute, where only the very best students get admissions having qualified in very many areas. To honor their tea customs also the Chinese have a whole park dedicated to tea.

From this brief history, you can now sip your cup of tea knowing the person who discovered tea use and how his descendants still honor the tea drinking traditions. To learn more about the famous drink tea, make sure that you visit this website.