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The Reasons I Love My Husband Who is a Blue-Collar Worker

His dream when we first met in high school while he was 16 was to become an actor which he would say with a smile when you inquired this from him. He had even gone to the campus of UNC Wilmington and inquired about theater production and fine arts program. His destiny was however changed by an answer he got from a current professor and a professional actor. He asked the professor about his family life in that career. The professor answered the question in a rather open way by telling him that it is not something that one can depend on since you will have times of plenty and times when you lack especially when your family needs you most.

The answer changed my husband and he applied for a course in business in the North Carolina State University. Getting to decide the best business to do was hard for him, but he later got an idea from his grandfather who was stepping down from the family plumbing business. It thus required him to study A.B.S in Business Management which he passed in. He then got a state license and became a professional plumber, and I had a job as a technical writer.

He used to wake up early for the next five years so that he could go pick up his grandfather, get into the old truck and leave for work. Once they set out, they would repair the leaking pipes for their clients, repair the commodes, install water heaters and offer other services that customers wanted in plumbing. Whenever my help was needed, I was there to help, and with this, I had gotten used to the late night emergency repair calls.

Through this job, he got the time to spend with his grandparents. His grandmother would take care of their breakfast and lunch. They would together sit around the kitchen table and the moment was great for them. He had some skills in graphic design with which he used to develop a new logo for the business, a magnetic truck sign, business cards, and asite for their company.

His grandfather is now in an assisted living facility and his grandmother in a nursing home where he gets to visit them. He has plans to expand the business in future. We have two kids who he loves so much. He is never too tired to twirl them when he gets home. He has the energy with all the work he does to do that. He is hardworking that is why I love him.