The best places to visit in Tuscany

Tuscany is a wonderful region, full of history from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, with a long and special culinary tradition and some outstanding landscapes. However, since this area has so much to offer, it would be impossible to visit it all in one, single trip. Therefore, we have listed the best places that you can find in Tuscany, in order to make your experience fulfilling and unforgettable.

Before diving into the beautiful cities and areas to visit, it is worth giving you some tips that could make your holiday even more priceless. First of all, our advice is to plan it carefully and in advance. Choose your accommodation based on your plans and the area you want to visit. In addition, having a basic knowledge of tuscan italian, the dialect is spoken in this region, is a major bonus because it allows you to socialize more easily with the locals and discover their habits and traditions.

San Gimignano

This little gem is a small town that attracts many tourists every year. With its 14 towers that show the entirety of this medieval village, San Gimignano is probably the most authentic place that you can find in Tuscany. In addition, it is widely famous for its traditional cuisine and for some vineyards that are located around it.


It is called “the city of the 100 churches” because of the many old, artistically priceless churches that are distributed around it and has a very particular city center, surrounded by high walls that are long about 4 kilometers and that give you the feeling of being in a magical place. On top of that, the Roma Amphitheater and the baroccan gardens are definitely worth a visit for their architecture.


If you visit Tuscan, you simply cannot miss Florence. Listing a range of places is virtually impossible since the city has too much to offer. Once you step foot in Florence you get the feeling of being in a living museum, with the massive and superb monuments that can be found in the city center. Piazza Della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, the Cathedral. These are places that will simply leave you speechless. And you love art, you must visit the Uffizi Gallery.


The Chianti area, just a few kilometers south of Florence, hosts the world-known vineyards and olive trees that make the Chianti a living paradise. In order to visit it, you have the chance to choose between many itineraries, which all include a wine tasting and a delicious lunch with the traditional food of the region.


Siena is a unique city. Widely known for the Palio, the horse race held every year, it will conquer you with its ancient history and authenticity. Piazza del Campo is perhaps the most representative area of Siena, a cozy but also very social place where young people and tourists come together to have drinks and enjoy food. Alternatively, Siena’s Cathedral is worth a visit. It has a black and white facade and its interiors are a high artistic expression of the Gothic movement. A must for any art lover.


Reasons Why You Should Work With International Tavel Agent

Nowadays there are so many websites and online resources that allow you to book a holiday around the world. Many people forget that international travel agents offer so much more than a regular website. While they are quite sure, when you spend a huge amount of money on an overseas trip, a trained professional can really help you make the most of your time and money.

You might think that you’ll save even more time and money when searching online, but so much time looking for the best deal. Sometimes, you can spend hours searching through various websites looking for and calculate the best deal. With international travel agents, all the hard work is done for you. They talk to you about your budget and try to seek bids at or under budget.

Bundling is also a very popular service that online agents will try and set you up with. They say you get a lot when you buy flights and book a hotel at the same time, but international travel agents often have the whole package holiday that they can find it for you! Your agent generally receives exclusive information and access to the hotel and travel promotions that are not available on the web, too.

One thing from the online travel site may or may not do is look for the best deal out of place you are looking to visit. If you are looking to visit an international city, often there are towns that are fast bus or train away. Your agent can find the best deals for a place to stay that meets your needs and is quite close to the more expensive destinations where you can enjoy the best of both.
To make the most of your trip, you can examine all there is to do at your destination or you can sit with your international travel agent to plan a schedule of activities. This will help you plan ahead so you know you will have enough money for all the things you want to do even before you pack your bags. Besides adventure and travel planning, you can even do a dinner reservation in advance. If you want to be more flexible with your time, they can create a folder of information that you can browse at your leisure so you have all the information you need without having to spend time researching things to do while you’re there.

Lastly, there are ways to protect yourself when you’re traveling internationally. Many tourists choose to convert their currency before they leave the country with international travel agents to get the best rate. They can also arrange for a check ride. Insurance will be important as well. They can help you review your options and advise you on the best plan for your trip.

While there is a lot of information on the internet, nothing beats meeting one-on-one with a real live person. International travel agency in Cleveland have the knowledge, skills, and resources that can help you plan a successful holiday.

Tips on buying travel insurance for your next trip

If you were not happy with the services of your travel insurance provider during your last trip, then probably you didn’t do your homework well. As there are many travel plan providers in the market, it often happens that consumers make the wrong choice due to confusion. So here are a few tips that’ll help you make the right choice this time –

Check if the plan covers important aspects of travel
As the rule of the thumb, always opt for a comprehensive travel plan when intending to buy one. You never know what mishap awaits you on the trip, being prepared is the only wise thing you can do. So make sure your plan offers you coverage on the major aspects of the trip –

Medical & Personal Accident cover
Check if your plan offers you cover in case of medical emergencies duly supported by a cashless facility in the country you visit. Normally travel plans offer coverage for cost incurred in the medical treatment as inpatient. Some Travel policies cover outpatient treatment charges too , if it is so essential and could not be deferred till the Insured Person reaches back to India. It also gives financial compensation in case of accidental death/dismemberment of organs. Also, they help one with the regular hospital admission formalities.

Trip inconvenience
Flight delay does not only directly mean that your late landing, but also brings associated inconveniences and situation to buy extra food, clothing , toiletries etc., Travel insurance also offers to cover the cost incurred in case of flight delay.

Loss or delay of baggage
Loss or delay of checked in baggage is possible inconvenience during a trip. Travel policy should also cover such situations. Travel policies offer reimbursement for cost of buying essentials in case of delayed arrival of baggage, while it gives a defined amount in case of total loss of entire baggage.

Loss of passport and travel documents :
Policies also cover the cost of re-applying for passport and travel documents in case you lose them on the trip.

Automatic Extension of cover:

If your travel policy is expiring but your trip back to home country is getting delayed due to delay in Common Carrier, no worries. There is a facility of automatic extension of cover upto 7 days which comes absolutely free of cost & procedures.

Emergency Evacuation:

If an emergency situation arises which compels evacuation to home land, & in some cases if a person also should accompany, travel policy shall bear the cost of such evacuation & accompanying person cost.

Legal assistance –
In case you fall into an unfortunate mess of any legal liability on the trip with no fault of yours, your policy should help you with legal help and reimburse the cost for the same.

Check the claim settlement record of the company –
The most crucial time for any customer of travel insurance is that of claim settlement. Delay in the settlement process mostly gets the consumers dissatisfied with the policy. Hence, make sure the company you opt to buy your policy from has a speedy record of claim settlement.

Look for constant trip assistance –
It is important to make sure that the travel insurance offers you constant assistance through a helpline on your trip. This is important in case you need help for emergencies like need medical assistance, financial emergency etc.

Make sure to use these tips when buying a right travel insurance plan for your next trip.

A Look at International Travel Health Insurance

It is a fact that we seem to be more likely to have an accident when we are in a strange country than we are at home which makes traveling without travel accident insurance rather foolish. More than just for unforeseen medical emergencies, travel accident insurance can be used to cover an unexpected return trip, evacuation, personal belongings, lost or stolen baggage and even travel delays. Be aware though that checking the travel accident insurance beforehand is important as many of the eventualities you need covered may be extras; not just the amount of cover but also what happens if your trip is cancelled or there is a problem with your luggage for example.

It may be time consuming to search, compare and choose the best travel and medical insurance types and prices to suit your needs and budget but it is well worth it for your peace of mind. Many travel agents are not fully knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the details of various travel accident insurance policies and may overlook something that could be important to you or your family and few offer suggestions. In your search, don’t forget online consumer and comparison websites that do all the research for you, so all you have to do is choose the best policy for your needs.

It is not uncommon for your existing health insurance to make provision for some medical expenses when you are out of the country but travel accident insurance can provide a complete service (depending on the options you included) up to and including an emergency air ambulance etc. The items covered in your travel accident insurance should not just be about medical problems but also other inconvenient situations such as lost or stolen luggage plus cancelled or delayed flights all of which need to be reimbursed. A good travel accident insurance policy should also include twenty-four-hour emergency medical assistance, and a money-back guarantee for delays in baggage delivery. Many travel medical insurance policies do not provide financial benefits to those individuals who are required to stay in hospital overnight when the usual amount is at least 0 per night.

When an insurance claim has to be lodged owing to an incident it is important to notify the company who has supplied your travel accident insurance as soon as you are able. When you return from your vacation, you will need to collect all your receipts, proof of ownership (where necessary) and any other relevant information collected from the Police or medical establishments and forward them all to the insurance company claims department to assist in an early settlement.

Although you may feel that your travel insurance company may not be that helpful, that is not the case and they will do everything they can to help the situation if you let them know what is happening and do not forget that they will more likely have previous experience with the problem. Choosing your travel accident insurance may at first seem a trivial matter but you can guarantee if anything untoward is going to happen, it will happen when you are on vacation in another country and where you will need comprehensive cover the most.

Tips for Saving on Air Travel

Air travel is considered one of the most comfortable and fastest means of transport. Most of the individuals wish to travel by airplanes but are not able to avail these services due to their high prices. In order to meet the requirements of the customers many airlines have come up with effective methods, including the introduction of air services at comparatively cheaper prices. The low price of the air tickets has attracted numerous tourists towards it. But most of the times they find it costly and prefer travelling via train or bus in order to save their money. Following are some effective tips that can help you in getting air tickets at lowest airfare.

Early bookings – In order to get cheap air tickets for your upcoming journey, you can book them in advance. An advance booking approximately two weeks before can provide you an air ticket at low prices. You can make your bookings as early as possible because the earlier you book the ticket you get it at cheaper rates. The same air ticket might cost you even more than double the original cost if you purchase it few hours before the commencement of the flight. So, always be on the safer side by making early bookings.

Flexibility in schedule – If you have to attend an emergency meeting held at a distant place and you need to reach there on time, you are compelled to purchase an air ticket at higher prices. But if you are flexible with your schedule, you can move the dates in order to get the best deal and save you money. For this you can search online and look for the availability of tickets at lower prices.

Fly midweek – This is another way of getting the tickets at inexpensive prices. It is assumed that most of the flights are busy at weekends and hence have a high fare. The mid-week days are considered as less busy and you can get a ticket at the lowest fare. Therefore, if possible you should prefer to travel in mid-week.

Book a ticket for a regional airport rather than an international airport – If you have the choice of reaching the same place via an international airport and a regional airport, you should select the latter. It is due to the fact that flights to an international airport might cost you more than the flights to a regional airport.

Round-trip is more cost-effective – While booking an air ticket to a particular destination, you should always check for the round-trip price. A round-trip ticket is generally less expensive than a one-way ticket. It will surely save you considerable amounts.

The price of the tickets influences the travelling decision of the individuals to a great extent. So, if you are looking to cover your journey by airplane, following these tips can help you get an air ticket at affordable prices.

Know more about Jet Airways international flights [] and Jet Airways Brussels flights []. Your journey will be a happy one with our low cost and travel efficient facilities.

Tips to choose best travel guides

Today, internet can be said as the best source through which you can collect information on different fields. For travelling purpose also, you can choose the best travel guide through internet.

For choosing the best travel guides you can certainly take the help of internet. in our life we always some refreshment and for that going out for holidays is the best option. This will help you a lot to get relieve from your monotonous life. We visit different places not only to get refreshment but also for the change of environment this is the main reason that we need the best travel guide who can give us proper guideline for making our trip successful. A perfect travel guide includes all kinds of facilities. The guide has the information about the best places to visit all over the world. This guide is not only in the form book but also it is in the form of internet online book which contains all important information about the places. In these books you will also get detail information about the total cost that will be incurred in the trip. The visitor will get detail description about the place. All these are important information which should be mentioned in a perfect travel guide.

The total cost of the trip is also mentioned in the guide book so that the travelers will get all kinds of assistance. You can get information about communication, accommodation and other important facilities. The best travel guides contain information about the total fare that will be incurred in reaching the destination. You can also get information about the various travel packages that are offered by different travel agencies. These types of travel guides are designed by photos, pictures of the visiting places and also the history about the place, the geological beauty of the place. The visitor may not stay in a place after going for a long tour. That is why the traveler needs proper guide. The travel guides are printed with all the contents.

Some travel guides does not mention the internal problems of money exchange in foreign countries. So, you need to find out the best one which will help you in getting proper details about the place. For choosing the best guide you can take the help of internet. There are many online sites through which you can get information about the various guides.

In some websites you can see travel guides that contain proper information about different places. This will help you to select the best travel guides. Thus these are really very helpful. You can do online purchasing of these guides as today online shopping is getting very popular and today mostly prefer to do online shopping.

Virgin Atlantic Provides International Flight Offers to Passengers Travelling With Pets

Starting from its first leased aircraft, Virgin Atlantic has now grown into the second biggest long-haul airline in the UK. During early 80s, the airline was born under the name of Virgin Atlantic Airways, which was later changed to its current name. Within a decade, the carrier had flown more than a million passengers and started providing services on-board. In the year 1992, the airline began its first super economy facility, bought new planes, improved passenger service and expanded its network. Later on, the carrier came up with several international flight offers to attract more travellers, thereby adding up to the passenger traffic. Moreover, the launch of its Upper Class Suite with long and comfortable seats and flat beds in business class was revolutionary.

Flying with Pets

Following this path of growth, Virgin Atlantic has today come up with many in-flight services that include flying with additional baggage, pets and children. It also provides special assistance to passengers travelling with various medical conditions. The main highlight of its services is the provision for people travelling with pets. The carrier has a specialized team that takes care of domestic animals and keeps them either an air-conditioned or a heated environment.

However, there are certain limitations to this facility. For example, only cats and dogs are allowed a Virgin Atlantic flight. It is important to note that dog breeds like Persians and Pekingese are denied entry. Besides this, there are added conditions, such as pets cannot be under sedation, they should not be fed prior to check-in and should be provided with sufficient amount of water. So, before booking a ticket online, people must keep in mind these terms and conditions.

Bookings and checking-in

The bookings, in case of pets, must be made at least a week before the travel date, and they should be checked-in four hours prior to the departure time. Passengers must also keep a tab on the DEFRA website for significant changes in the Pet Travel Scheme of UK.

Travel Box

The cost of accepting dogs or cats on jets depends upon the size of the travel box. Based on guidelines, the owner is responsible for determining the exact height, length and breadth of this box as all cats and dogs are of varying sizes.
A tourist needs to ensure that this box is made up of hard plastic or wood and has a water dish attached inside. It should also be ensured that the cage is ventilated from all sides and has a leak-proof base.

Flying Paws Scheme

For showing commitment towards comfortable pet travel, the Flying Paws Scheme of this airline rewards the staff accompanying cats and dogs. Other than this, travellers, who are a member of the flying club of the company, can earn bonus miles for going to certain destinations, whether it is a short or a long-haul journey like Delhi to Toronto flights.

When you are travelling with International Airlines like Virgin Atlantic you just check for flight plus hotel options which can help you to save some bucks.

Top 10 Travel Accessories for Backpack Travelers

Whether you’re Euro-railing the Czech Republic, trekking the Amazon or spending a month in Peru, backpack travel is a great way to see the world. And here are the top 10 travel accessories to help backpack travelers stay lightweight, mobile and organized.

First: A Travel Backpack

Today’s travel backpacks aren’t your father’s camping pack. Technology has made today’s travel backpacks super lightweight and designed specifically for travel. They open like suitcases for easy access, offer media pockets, multiple ways to carry and other advantages for travelers. The old top-loading, drawstring packs were good for dad. But if you want to stay light, mobile and organized, a travel backpack is the way to go.

Second: A Travel Towel

You can definitely skip a shower or two while traveling. But eventually you’ll want to clean up and dry off. Problem is conventional towels weigh a ton, take forever to dry and mildew if you pack them damp. Travel towels solve these problems. They’re ultra-lightweight and fold to a fraction the size of regular towels. They’re also ultra-fast drying and most fight fungus and mildew buildup.

Third: Travel Underwear

Everything that is true of conventional towels is also true of regular cotton underwear. They take a long time to dry and are bastions for fungus and odor. Quick-dry travel underwear dries in time to wear or pack by the next bus, fights odors and nasty bacteria and hold up to the rigors of daily wear on the road.

Fourth: Travel Soap Sheets

Soap sheets are among the lightest, most compact and efficient ways to stay clean while traveling. Soap sheets — body, shampoo, shaving or other — are roughly one inch, paper-thin sheets that lather up in water. They meet carry-on requirements, are a fraction the weight of liquids and take up much less room in your backpack or luggage.

Fifth: Packing Cubes

If you use packing cubes once, you won’t even go away for a weekend again without them. They let you pack much more stuff into the same space and keep it all organized. Packing cubes are zippered nylon or mesh rectangles into which you pack and compress your gear and clothes before putting them into your backpack. If you bring only one thing from this list, these would be it.

Sixth: International Plug Adapters

It’s still a diverse world, which is why we travel. But that also goes for each continent’s electrical systems. So you’ll need to bring the right adapter to plug into wall outlets in Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. You can buy individual adapters for each location or universal kits letting you plug in no matter where you go.

Seventh: A Solar Charger

Going where few travelers have gone before is an amazing experience. And the more remote you go, the less infrastructure you’ll find. In some areas you can actually get cell service, but not the electricity to power the phone. Solar charges are lightweight, compact and let you power your electronics no matter how off the beaten path you go.

Number 8: Travel or Luggage Locks

You spent a lot of time planning what to bring and it wouldn’t be easy to get it all back while traveling. Travel or luggage locks are small compact locks that let you secure your pack’s main compartment and exterior pockets while the pack is out of your sight or when you’re in crowded places. Some locks also have flexible cables to secure your pack to fixed objects.

Number 9: A Money Belt

Replacing your passport, credit cards and even cash back in remote locations can be a major, time-eating endeavor. So you want to hang onto your most valuable items. Money belts are small, discreet pouches worn around your waist under your pants to conceal and safeguard your passport and cash. Most robbers don’t have the time to check under everyone’s clothes. So carry a false wallet and a few dollars to give them while your real stash is safely concealed.

Tenth: A Daypack

Most trips involve reaching a new town or village, locking your main pack in the hostel or hotel and heading out to explore. Overnight trips, urban trekking and remote hikes are part of the good time. And you’ll need a lightweight daypack to carry the essentials. Most quality travel backpacks have removable daypacks integrated into their designs.

You’ll bring lots of stuff on your trip and what to pack and how to pack it are endlessly debated by seasoned travel backpackers. But with these few key travel accessories, you’ll be sure to stay lightweight, mobile and organized.

Get detail information about online travel guides

Online travel guides are becoming very popular among people. People find it very useful. As we know the fact online travel is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The market of online travel is reaching its boom level. As time passé by, online travel guides have shown a steady increase to go online and it has adopted the process meeting the needs of niche players. Both the traditional print brands and entities are purely cyber slogging to draw the attention of niche travelers. Travel guides have become an indispensible tool for anyone who thinks of holidays. A travel guide is basically stuffed with useful tips, detail information and ideas etc. you can find all information in travel guide well written, well presented and well indexed.

Online travel guides mainly focused on the information on all aspects of travel. You can get useful information regarding the place like how to reach to the place, the main attractions of the place, festivals, history and accommodation facilities such as hotels, resorts, inns, restaurants for food and beverages etc. these guides help tourists to identify the exact destination. Not only this, you can also estimate the time like how much it may take to reach to that place. a perfect travel guide is the one which can briefly describe the place and its scenic beauties which can attract the attention of tourists. Another important aspect which is usually missed is the public transport in cities. A perfect travel guide will give you proper information about various communications like bus route, train route, plane route etc and their estimated fares.

Another important thing which one can find in online travel guides is balanced reporting. This is quite important because for business purpose, it will prove very helpful. Though more and more are searching internet and that is why this has become very popular compared to print counterparts. These guides help to exploit comments generated by the user and to provide additional advantage of ecommerce options.

Information regarding hotels, restaurants also can be got from these online guides. These guides provide tourists some dynamic packages on the basis of differences. But from other side, it is really very difficult to find online travel agents without commercial influence. It is quite common that there are many websites which offer attractive packages to tourists to get potential customers. But you need to be very cautious while dealing with them because there are many travel agents who take money from tourists, make fake promises and finally cheated them. So, you need to be aware from them

Best 10 International Travel Destinations

Below are some international destinations that I consider best:

1.) Egypt – If you are looking to escape from everyday life, relax on sand dunes and experience rich ancient culture, then Egypt is the place for you. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, offers both a cultural experience such as mosques and open-air shops selling exotic items; and a modern experience with cafes, cinemas and mega malls like City Stars, and Mall of Arabia. For a more ancient experience, head to the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the largest wonders of the world.

2.) Las Vegas – Las Vegas is the sin city of the world. Situated in Nevada, USA, it is a resort city known for its vibrant nightlife, show girls, and gambling. The most famous landmark is ‘the Strip’ which is a 4 mile long street with world famous casinos, luxurious hotels, Bellagio Fountain and replicas of world famous monuments such as the Pyramid, and the Eiffel Tower.

3.) Thailand – Thailand is notoriously known for massages with happy ending (if you know what I mean). However, there is much more to this beautiful country. It has abundance of natural beauty, pristine beaches, exotic fruits and a rich culture. Bangkok’s Grand Palace, temples like Wat Arun, Chatuchak market and shopping malls like MBK, Terminal 21 etc. are a must visit. If you are interested in water sports then head to Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngnan islands.

4.) London – The red double-decker buses, Queen’s guards, London Bridge, the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, etc., are well known to people who haven’t even visited the city. Everyone knows London. We have associated London with the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes until J.K. Rowling introduced us to the magical land of Hogwarts. London has museums, theatres and pubs in abundance. This city is lovingly called the city of rainbows, and just like the colours of a rainbow, this city is a combination of everything in one.

5.) Maldives – Maldives has a rich local culture, a complex but vibrant landscape comprised of 26 natural atolls and best beaches in the world. It is the place to go for serenity and luxury. Maldives has over 100 luxury resorts offering amenities ranging from personal butlers and private lap pools to in-room massages. Its marine life is rich with coral walls, magnificent caves and bright coloured fishes; making it an ideal destination for diving and snorkelling.

6.) Venice, Italy – Venice is like a dream city, rising from the lagoons. It has canals where you would expect streets and the water shimmers everywhere and gondolas cruising along. Saint Mark’s Basilica, Grand Canal, Doge’ Palace and Piazza San Marco are some of the top tourist attractions.

7.) Maasai Mara, Kenya – If wildlife is your idea of adventure and travel then head to Maasai Mara which is Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserve. The best time to visit this place is July-October, when you can be part of the spectacular wildebeest migration. This reserve has a huge population of lion, leopards, buffaloes, giraffes, cheetahs, elephants and wildebeest.

8.) Paris, France – The city of light, Paris, is a city known for its culture, fashion, food and architecture. For the art lovers, Paris is a Mecca with museums such as Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and Musee Marmattan Monet which display works of great artists like Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. Eiffel Tower and cathedrals like Notre Dame are other top tourist attractions.

9.) Hong Kong – Hong Kong is a perfect fusion of east and west, modern and traditional. It is vibrant and densely populated but one of the easiest cities to travel in because of the well-connected transport system. The Peak, Disneyland, Temple Street, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade are some of the must visit places.

10.) Tokyo, Japan – Famous for its sumo wrestlers, Tokyo is a city of mad rush. You will see a people everywhere and really fast trains whizzing by but everything is synchronous and punctual. It is a city with deep rooted values but bizarrely futuristic. This city will change your perception of modernity. This city has everything: for shopping head to Ginza or Shibuya, for nightlife it is Roppongi, and for temples/shrines you may visit Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi Park or Sensoji Temple in Asakusa.